Constantly having back-to-back meetings can make it a challenge to complete tasks during the workday. Google Meet is working to play a role in resolving this issue.

The video communication service is set to drop new AI-enabled features such as Duet AI, which takes notes for users in real time, The Verge reports. In addition, the tool can provide a mid-meeting summary if you happen to be late arriving, details of the meeting courtesy of a Google chatbot, and a saved summary featuring video clips of key moments after the meeting.

Along with helping people catch up on meeting agendas, The Verge mentions that the Duet tool allows users to opt out of virtually attending meetings as well. There will be an “Attend for me” tab that will share talking points you may wish to provide to the group on your behalf.

“On a meeting invite, you can click an ‘attend for me’ button, and Google can auto-generate some text about what you might want to discuss,” the outlet describes. “Those notes will be viewable to attendees during the meeting so that they can discuss them.”

While the AI tools intend to boost efficiency, whether the meeting details will be accurate or not won’t be determined until the official rollout. The outlet notes that Duet AI is coming to Google’s Workspace Labs in the next few months.

Google Meet has been evolving since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when it rebranded from “Hangouts Meet.” The company’s mission is to continue finding innovative ways to keep people connected virtually.

“The Meet product is really a turnaround story in a lot of ways,” Dave Citron, Google’s senior director of product for Meet, told the outlet. “Now we’re spending that same deep energy we spent over the last few years to get to enterprise-grade to be the best cutting-edge video conferencing product on the market.”

He added, “We really want meetings to feel like they’re bringing people together into the same room regardless of where you are and your device. Regardless of your connection speed, your camera quality, your microphone quality.”