You may want to head over to Google to check out their latest doodle!

Today, the search engine giant is honoring a pioneer in economics in their latest doodle.

According to USA Today, Sir W. Arthur Lewis is the economist and professor who won the Nobel Prize in Economics on Dec. 10, 1979, for modeling economic forces that affect developing countries.

“Arthur Lewis was an inspiring historical figure,” said the creator of the Google doodle, Camilla Ru in a statement. “I think his vast influence on the development of so many countries’ economics was most inspiring to me, especially his willingness to teach and share his knowledge for the betterment of others.“

Here are five things you should  know about Sir W. Arthur Lewis:

1. He was the first Black instructor to receive full professorship at Princeton University.

Oliver Morris/Getty Images

2. Lewis completed grade school at the mere age of 14.

3. He was the chair of Manchester University and the first Black person to hold a position of that nature at a British University.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @Aseemgeete

4. In 1963, Lewis was knighted by the British government for his work.

Photo Credit: TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images

5. At age 18, Lewis received a scholarship to attend the London School of Economics making him the first Black person ever to be accepted into the school. 

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