An all-natural fresh fruit soda brand is now available for purchase, and the best part? It’s Black-owned.

Michael Robinson is the CEO and founder of Bingo-Bango Fresh Fruit Soda Company — one of the first Black-owned handcrafted soda brands in the nation, according to Travel Noire. 

Robinson, who is no stranger to the beverage business, worked alongside his brother at wine and beer lounge, Carolina Vineyards & Hops prior to launching his own business. He also has experience working as a Coca-Cola representative for over a year.

After putting his family’s juicer to use, Robinson began to craft his own fresh juice, even experimenting with different flavors and ultimately selling them at festivals and local flea markets.

“I saw a niche for something, an all-naturally flavored fruit soda,” Robinson told Winston Salem Monthly.

Although he has managed to successfully launch Bingo-Bango, Robinson did share that he experienced a few setbacks. However, thanks to the support of family and friends he was able to successfully launch.

For Robinson, entrepreneurship is a part of his roots. His brother and sister-in-law are owners and operators of the wine and beer lounge he previously worked at, Carolina Vineyard & Hops.

Even the name of his company is rooted in family, with the term Bingo-Bango being inspired by his late grandfather Emile Worthy Sr. who would use the phrase as a symbol of “something that’s unique or exciting or creative or artistic.”

Currently, Robinson not only handcrafts each beverage himself, but even hand-delivers packs of bottles to stores, breweries, and even homes in North Carolina.

For more on how to get a variety of Bingo Bango flavors which include cran-apple honey, lemon peach pomegranate and strawberry lemonade visit