Maxwell Alejandro Frost is the United States’ first Generation Z Congressman, and it wouldn’t have been possible if he had allowed his circumstances to deteriorate his efforts.

While the 25-year-old was in pursuit of his newest title, he was a part of the gig economy as an Uber driver. This afforded Frost the benefit of maintaining a flexible work schedule to earn revenue while still making time to campaign.

“I couldn’t work serving tables or anything because as a candidate for Congress, I needed to maintain a flexible schedule. I said, ‘Wow, the only thing I could really do is Uber, because I can just turn on that app, do my thing, turn it off, and go back to campaigning.’ And that’s what I did,” Frost said, according to Orlando Sentinel.

At the time of the report in September 2022, Frost was preparing to transition to Washington D.C., and make decisions as it pertains to his living arrangements and bills. He was also still covering the rent for a home in Orlando alongside his sister and girlfriend. However, the status of whether he is today is unclear.

He also spoke to ABC about his arrangements.

“I’m dealing with it right now, getting denied for apartments, trying to figure out where to live because I have bad credit, probably just going to have to couch surf for a little bit,” Frost told ABC in January 2023.

Frost expects to have greater stability when his $174,000 federal salary starts rolling in, The Guardian reports. For now, he is doing his best to get by and plans to temporarily crash at someone’s place during his first month in Washington D.C.

Furthermore, with new responsibilities, Frost understands becoming a member of Congress is something that isn’t a possibility for everyone.

“If I had a family and kids, I wouldn’t have been able to do this,” Frost explained to Orlando Sentinel. “We need to create a system that makes it easier for people to run for office, people who are working-class people with families who understand these issues well.”