One of Garcelle Beauvais’ reality TV castmates is joining in on an ongoing investigation.

In August, the actress and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star spoke out about her son, Jax, receiving racist messages on his social media accounts. Beauvais condemned the trolls for spreading hate toward her 14-year-old online.

“I’m usually a very strong woman I’ve been raised to be strong my life has taught me to be strong but when it comes to my kids! It hurts it’s not OK I’ve been in tears all night it’s just a TV show people scream at your TV throw something at your TV but leave our kids alone,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Following her publicly speaking out, she shared a statement from Jax himself.

“I am still a kid and wish to not be viewed as a fully matured adult, because I am not one,” he shared in his statement.

He added: “I just want to be a normal kid.”

Once the news came out, people began to question whether co-star Diana Jenkins was the one behind the online bots. The claims stem from the heated exchanges between Jenkins and Beauvais on “RHOB.” In order to clear her name, this month she filed a lawsuit against a John Doe defendant, according to Rolling Stone. Jenkins claims that the unidentified troll was the one to incite the racist attack, but framed her as the one who planned it.

“Defendant designed the ‘bot’ attack to create the false impression that it was Ms. Jenkins who orchestrated the attack on Ms. Beauvais’ son,” the complaint filed in Los Angeles states, according to the outlet.

“This action is the only way Ms. Jenkins has to fight back against the anonymous coward who decided to put her reputation, livelihood and life in jeopardy,” the documents read. “Ms. Jenkins seeks to put an end to this conduct for herself, her family, and Ms. Beauvais’ son. Someone needs to stand up to bad people.”

The outlet details that in a statement, Jenkins’ lawyers said that they plan to subpoena Meta to “obtain information about the alleged mastermind behind the bot attack.”