A Subway in Georgia is now under the ownership of this history-making Black woman!

Blackbusiness.com reports that Asia Thomas is now the first Black woman to own a Subway franchise in Duluth, GA. As a single mother of three, she says that this is only the beginning.

“I’m definitely going to buy more,” she said. “I would feel like a quitter if I didn’t buy more.”

The Journey To Becoming A Franchisee

Upon graduating from Clark Atlanta University, Thomas went on to receive her MBA from Florida International University. She soon went on to land a job in corporate America and was content, that is, until the pandemic hit. As someone on a mission to provide for her family, she began looking for options for extra income.

“I met a young,  Black woman who worked for Subway headquarters,” said Thomas. “She encouraged me to apply and so I just happened to submit an inquiry. It was almost like it was destined to be.”

Following this encounter, she began to save money and work toward becoming a franchisee.

Double Up, Then Run It Up

With fate on her side, the outlet reports Thomas stumbled across a fellow franchisee looking to sell his restaurant after consistently low revenue. With the confidence to accept the challenge, she made the purchase and the rest is history!

Since becoming the owner, Thomas has managed to reportedly “double the franchise’s profits” in about a month. What’s more, Thomas apparently achieved the feat while managing to run the store alone after the existing staff reportedly left due to doubts. She also claims that her race and age played a factor in the skepticism when she took over the franchise.

Today, Thomas is focused on helping others to know that they too can own Subway franchises. She is also working toward increasing her profits and adding a couple of more stores to her portfolio.