This founder is making feminine care accessible for all.

Arion Long, who sometimes refers to herself as the “Chief Estrogen Officer” is the heart and brain behind Femly. The company — founded in 2016 — has become a powerhouse shaking up a multi-billion dollar industry while revolutionizing feminine care.

Arion Long was compelled to launch the brand after a health scare shortly following her time in college. She experienced weight gains, abnormal mood changes, and pain in her ovaries. After several visits to obstetrician-gynecologists, Arion Long was told she had a cervical tumor. Her doctor believed chemicals found in popular feminine care products were a likely cause.

“We assume because some of these pads are white, that they’re clean. That is so far from the truth. Historically, many of the popular pad brands were made with synthetic materials like nylon, which is known for harboring heat and bacteria. The other side of that is many of these pads included ingredients like Bisphenol A bleach dioxins, which are linked to reproductive illnesses and cancer,” Arion Long told AfroTech.

Arion Long quickly took action and searched for safer products to adopt into her routine. She soon realized there was a gap in the market for not only herself but other women who experienced similar symptoms.

Driven to provide alternative options for feminine care, Femly was birthed.

About The Viral Hygiene Machine

Already, Femly has helped over 25,000 people and provided free period care to restrooms nationwide. Femly’s latest technology will kick open additional doors to change lives as well.

In a recent viral Twitter video, Arion Long is seen flexing her latest passion project, Femly’s hygiene machine.

Femly’s hygiene machine dispenses free certified organic products to those in need. The decision to create the hygiene machine stemmed from a desire to integrate a more inclusive experience for others, especially in her residence of Baltimore, MD. 

“I started thinking about how we could weave inclusivity into our brand and how we could support people who might be facing homelessness or domestic violence and get products to them,” Long told AfroTech. “We started manufacturing our line quickly and I realized that right here in Baltimore, there was a demographic of people experiencing period poverty, more often than the rest of us.”

Gateway To Education

Not only does the hygiene machine provide an immediate solution to service those in need, but it also supports communities further operating as a gateway to health education. Each Femly product contains a QR code that will link to Femly’s website and educational content so users can gain access to useful free information.

“We want to increase access to both health, education, and healthier products for the complete feminine lifecycle. We want to give you the content you need and the products you deserve from your first period on,“ Long said.

The hygiene machine currently offers pads, panty liners, menstrual cups, and tampons. Soon, Femly will include six additional products to meet the needs of menstruation. Arion Long also plans to stock over 50,000 restrooms nationwide with Femly’s hygiene machine and already has interested partners from various offices, local schools, and colleges.

More Hygiene Machine Dispensaries On The Way

Femly won’t stop there. Over time, the dispensaries will expand globally to help additional organizations and schools. Femly hopes to become a unicorn to support its production expansion.

“We’re doing things right here in Baltimore and on a national level. It is more product expansion, more dispensaries, restroom partnerships, and scaling,” she said. “There are so many organizations that get $200 million in revenue or more. We want to be a unicorn that reaches a billion. So, we’re just taking all of the steps to align ourselves to change more lives.”