Father-son duo Dr. Uzo Ihenko and Kelechi Chillis-Ihenko own the first family Black-owned UPS in Western New York, according to WKBW-TV.

Growing up, Kelechi Chillis-Ihenko, a graduate from the University of Buffalo, noted the scarcity of essential services. Now, in collaboration with his father, they want to fill the void in their community.

“In Buffalo there’s always a lack of essential services and things like that and I’ve experienced that growing up so being the one to fill that need is awesome,” explained Kelechi Chillis-Ihenko, according to WKBW-TV.

The father and son became franchise owners in December 2022, according to Chillis-Ihenko’s LinkedIn.

Services at the store extend to shipping, delivery, paper printing, and fingerprinting.

“A lot of hospitals they send people here for fingerprinting so if you want to do any investigative work in terms of background information right here is where it’s done,” Dr. Uzo told WKBW-TV.

Furthermore, the UPS store will soon become a hub for more businesses. The two told the outlet the rear side of the building will be transformed into apartments, and they plan to secure an office space for visiting entrepreneurs.

“It’s going to be workforce apartments so it’s affordable for people to live here,” Kelechi Chillis-Ihenko said. “And we’re going to have office space and potentially a coworking space for other entrepreneurs to come to the building and grow their businesses.”

Beyond being a mere business, the duo has a profound understanding that their core mission revolves around people.

“I told them we’re here to stay. We’re part of you and we’re here,” Dr. Uzo said.