Learning how to become an entrepreneur was just made easier through this new board game.

According to a press release, entrepreneur Elliott Eddie created The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks to teach both adults and children how to build successful brick & mortars. Plus, it’s the world’s first and only STEM certified (STEM.org) entrepreneur board game.


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He owns and operates over five companies himself and wants to expand the confidence and knowledge of everyone who would consider becoming a captain of the industry, specifically for those in our forgotten and underserved communities.

“Many of our schools barely teach our children the skills they need to survive. We owe it to our children and all of our futures to make sure they know that they are capable of creating a successful business,” Eddie said, according to Black Enterprise. “To make sure our children know that they can take their skills, talents and ideas to find a problem and solve it, to find a need and fill it, or to create a market and build it. Our children must grasp that among all of the things they can be now, and as they grow up, an entrepreneur is definitely within their grasp.”

Eddie’s creation continues to capture the hearts and minds of people worldwide. Back in September of 2018, he took his idea before the people through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. In  less than five hours, The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks was fully funded, and by the end of its two and half week visit on the popular crowdfunding platform, it was able to raise almost three times its target amount in eight different countries from over 350 people.

Toys R Us in Canada has even asked for a price list of the game in French for its 180 stores!

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