Even though Dwight Howard has been in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for nearly two decades, he’s carving out a legacy more meaningful than basketball.

To continue his legacy after he crosses the finish line of his basketball career, Howard plans to make an impact in the Los Angeles community. To help in that mission, Howard has inked a $500,000 multi-year sponsorship deal with Arrowhead Water.

Arrowhead will commit $75,000 toward Dwight Howard’s Grand Champions Foundation. K.C. Blinn, Blue Triton Brands Vice President of Marketing, affirms Dwight Howard’s efforts in community building served as the leading factor to pursue a relationship with the Lakers center.

“What was different about Dwight and his team was that they came with a community first and give back direction to it,” Blinn said, according to Forbes. “They really wanted to be a part of leaving a legacy here in Los Angeles.”

The Partnership Is Building Community

Already the partnership is keeping the foot on the gas. Just last week, Howard and Arrowhead Water joined forces to reveal refurbished basketball courts on each site and provided gifts and food for the children in attendance.

Howard looks forward to the impact the courts will have on future generations and he anticipates the children will look to the courts as a safe space, as he once did growing up.

“Through these basketball courts, we can bring more people together and give them a safe haven—a place to go to just call home and be at peace,” Howard said, according to Forbes. “Basketball is my sanctuary, it’s where I have the most fun. I can be myself, smile, laugh and have a great time. That’s what we want to to provide for these kids. I think these courts will do the exact same thing for me that it will do for a million kids in L.A.”

Howard Wants To Build A Legacy With His Foundation

Howard hopes the partnership will cement new traditions off the court, and he wants his foundation at the forefront. 

“In the short term, we want to build the community and grow first the name, Grand Champions,” Howard told Forbes. “In the long term we really just want to change kids’ lives. Everyone needs to know they are great, and there’s greatness inside of them. You want to be able to pull that greatness out through different outreach programs and help them. It’s something that has been in my heart for years, is to really have something that can be a staple, like how Arrowhead has been in the community.”