Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has supported a Zimbabwean native in his dream to become a champion fighter.

In May, Themba Gorimbo shared his story on Twitter about having $7 in his bank account after leaving his country to pursue the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Johnson responded with his own journey of barely having anything in his own account earlier in his career. What’s more, he ensured Gorimbo that he had his back and would help him.

Nearly two months later, it looks like the star has kept his promise. Johnson shared on Instagram that he surprised Gorimbo by buying him a home in Miami, FL.


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“Welcome home @thembagorimbo_mma,” Johnson wrote in an Instagram post. “You and your family enjoy your new house brother. Lights are on. Bills are paid. Keep your ‘My reason’ list close, keep taking care of your people and I’m honored to play a very, very small role in your $7 bucks journey.”

Johnson added, “Let’s get to work on that dream of becoming a @ufc champion one day.”

Prior to being a new homeowner, Gorimbo had been sleeping on the couch in the gym where he trains — a story he shared with Johnson while giving him a tour, per a video shared on Instagram.

“When I lost my first fight, I couldn’t stay in Africa and train more there so I had to come here,” Gorimbo explained. “Then, I messaged Coach Valverde and said to him, ‘Can I come and train in Miami? …I can stay on the floor mats or anything.”


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While chasing his dream, Gorimbo is active in being of service to others such as building a borehole in Zimbabwe. As he works toward a UFC championship, he says that he is doing it for his family, and his village, to inspire others, and to show that God works miracles.