Dwayne Johnson is no stranger to making the right business moves.

As AFROTECH previously mentioned, his net worth towers more than $800 million. Of his various endeavors, he is the co-founder and chief energy officer of ZOA Energy drink brand.

Per Forbes, the company is a reflection of his Polynesian roots and checks off the founders’ mission to innovate the sector. According to the company website, the drinks consist of electrolytes, amino acids, vitamin B and C, and natural caffeine pulled from green tea leaves and green coffee beans. And there is zero sugar.


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The product appears to be fairing quite well in the market. Benzinga reports ZOA Energy generated over $100 million in sales in 2022. The company also announced 138% year-over-year growth.

This follows after cementing a partnership in 2021 with Molson Coors, with the beverage company serving as the brand’s exclusive distribution partner. This helped ZOA reach 42,000 retail locations across the United States and Canada.

Furthermore, Molson Coors has recently strengthened its partnership stake with ZOA. Looking ahead, the two plan to “increase media and marketing to drive incremental sales and expand distribution to international markets,” per The Drinks Business. Molson Coors will remain ZOA’s distribution partner and will serve on its board under the new deal.

“The entire ZOA family couldn’t be more thrilled with the expanded Molson Coors relationship and the many opportunities for growth this collaboration creates,” Johnson said, according to the outlet. “We’re grateful to play a pivotal role in Molson Coors’ investment into their ‘Beyond Beer’ growth and most importantly, playing a role in the wellness journeys of our loyal and growing consumers as we continue crafting drinks that help them show up as their best selves.”

Molson Coors’ Chief Commercial Officer Michelle St. Jacques said, per the outlet, “This investment is another meaningful step for Molson Coors and our transformation into a total-beverage company. ZOA is an incredible brand in a growing category, so we’re fueling it with the right resources to scale and accelerate its results to become a bigger player in the energy space.”