Although he got his first gig in a bathroom at Renaissance High School in Detroit, MI, it seems as though 16-year-old Cameron Tucker will go far.

Tucker first picked up cutting hair over the summer after learning the basics from his Uncle Tuck, according to FOX 2. Later on, what started as cutting his younger cousins’ and friends’ hair, as well as posting his skills on social media transformed into a successful business of servicing his football teammates and fellow classmates.

That successful business also made it into the school year as the outlet reports that Cameron was caught cutting his clientele of classmates’ hair in the bathroom during study hall.

“I want to say wrong time, wrong place,” he told FOX 2.

A phone call was made to Tucker’s mother, Cassandra, and unfortunately, Cameron was given a one-day suspension for his entrepreneurial moves as the “bathroom barber,” but those moves couldn’t keep him down for long. While Tucker will no longer be cutting hair at school, it seems the upcoming barber will continue mastering his craft.

Courtesy of FOX 2

After his suspension, Tucker caught the attention of Sebastian Jackson, the owner of the Social Club Grooming Co. His regular clients include Detroit natives former NBA player Jalen Rose, rapper Big Sean, R&B singer Dwele, as well as former Lions running backs Reggie Bush and Joique Bell, according to the outlet.

Jackson recognized Tucker’s passion as he himself started cutting hair at age 15. After getting connected through the outlet, Jackson took a moment to sit and chat with the young entrepreneur via Zoom.

“You have become so good at your craft in such a short period of time,” Jackson said. “I’ll tell you man, just based on the hustle, if you’re interested in apprenticing with one of our cosmetologists or myself, that’s definitely an opportunity.”

Along with offering Tucker the chance to train with him, Jackson provided Tucker with advice to elevate his skills and shared his own personal barber journey.

“It was an honor meeting him,” Cameron Tucker said. “It was definitely a learning experience, learning where he came from, and his way to where he is now.”