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'I Can't Stop Cutting' — Barber Who Took A Risk And Opened Shop In A Trailer During COVID-19 Proves Successful

A Washington, D.C. native took matters into his own hands when it came to his business.

Oct 10, 2023

Bathroom Barber: After Facing Suspension For Running A Barbershop In School, Cameron Tucker Lands Career Opportunities

Although he got his first gig in a bathroom at Renaissance High School in Detroit, MI, it seems as though 16-year-old Cameron Tucker will go far. Tucker first picked up cutting hair over the summer after learning the basics from his Uncle Tuck, according to FOX 2. Later on, what started as cutting his younger cousins’ and friends’ hair, as well as posting his skills on social media transformed into a successful business of servicing his football teammates and fellow classmates. That successful business also made it into the school year as the outlet reports that Cameron was caught cutting his clientele of classmates’ hair in the bathroom during study hall. “I want to say wrong time, wrong place,” he told FOX 2. A phone call was made to Tucker’s mother, Cassandra, and unfortunately, Cameron was given a one-day suspension for his entrepreneurial moves as the “bathroom barber,” but those moves couldn’t keep him down for long. While Tucker will no longer be cutting hair at school, it...

Nov 15, 2021

ClipDart Is The Mobile Barber Service Black Students At PWIs Have Been Waiting For

When Kyle Parker began attending a predominantly white institution (PWI), he quickly realized that getting a decent haircut would be a challenge. In his predominantly white college town, there were no Black barbers. In fact, the closest Black barber was two hours away by car. The ordeal seriously impacted his mental health as he wasn’t able to look and feel his best. He also realized that other Black students were probably facing the same challenges, so he began dreaming up a solution. “Being African-American, I didn’t have the option to walk down the street to my favorite, affordable barbershop while attending Grinnell College in Iowa. The barbershop was a large part of my culture that was missing and became a factor in why I transferred after 3 years. Wherever I decided to attend, I had to have an equal chance to a great barber as most of my classmates. I knew it would tremendously help my mental health,” Parker told AfroTech. He eventually transferred out of Grinnell College but...

Jun 27, 2021

Here's How 'The Confess Project' Trains Barbers to Be Mental Health Advocates

Historically, barbershops have been a longstanding pillar in the Black community, serving as a place of solace and trust for Black men. Now, Lorenzo Lewis, founder of the national grassroots movement, is looking to build even more trust through The Confess Project. Set out to equip barbers with the necessary tools to support their clients by encouraging long-standing mental health success, Lewis and The Confess Project has provided free mental health advocacy training to 20 local Mississippi barbers. “Particularly with African Americans we are less likely to receive treatment due to discrimination and bias and things that we’ve experienced with our medical system. We here to open up the gateways for men to show that them that they are needed and they can be seen and heard,” Lewis told WJTV. Founded in 2016, the Arkansas-based movement reports that they are the nation’s first grassroots movement that truly addresses the mental health challenges for boys, men of color, and their...

Jun 29, 2020