Second chances can apply to your personal life and business, which was the case for Deion Sanders and the footwear and apparel corporation Nike.

In 1992, while playing in the National Football League (NFL), Sanders signed an endorsement deal with Nike, according to Sports Illustrated. It was reportedly worth $250,000 for the first six months, per Sportskeeda.

However, Sanders was presented with another offer for significantly more money from the 1980s shoe brand British Knights. According to CantonRep, it was a $750,000 cash grab.

“I almost did that, I was close,” Sanders said in a 2017 interview with Complex.

Sanders also had the option to sign with LA Gear. Ultimately, Sanders settled with Nike in 1992, and his deal reportedly increased to seven figures within six months of the initial signing, Sportskeeda notes.

“Nike came on with the bag, too,” Sanders told Complex.

In 1993, Sanders was granted his own signature line, “The Nike Air Diamond Turf,” Sports Illustrated mentions. His time with Nike would spawn five collaborations, Complex notes.

According to Sanders, his shoe collaborations with Nike did well, outperforming his peers.

“One thing they never said either, even back in the heyday, we outsold everybody,” Sanders told Complex. “Because Jordan at that time was just a limited number that they put out, and we blew it out the door. Much love for everybody in the ATL because they supported. I would drive through the hood, man, all the kids. Everybody had on a pair of these things.”

Sanders’s relationship with Nike would later take a turn, thanks to a matter he said is related to the original Diamond Turf sneaker, which he co-designed with Nike Designer Tracy Teague.

“Tracy Teague from Nike, we came up with these. That’s why I’m upset with them right now. We created these together, but they don’t wanna see me. They don’t wanna direct deposit,” Sanders explained, per Complex.

Joe La Puma, the host and senior vice president of content strategy at Complex Media, asked Sanders if he would return to Nike. He responded with “Never,” at the time.

Sanders would go on to work with sportswear company Under Armour for over a decade, beginning in 2009, USA Today reports. However, Sanders found his way back to his original shoe home when he was hired by the University of Colorado Boulder. Per USA Today, the school has a sponsorship agreement with Nike that will conclude in June 2025.

According to a statement from Under Armour obtained by USA Today Sports, the company said, “Under Armour had a longstanding partnership with Deion Sanders for more than a decade, and we are proud of what we accomplished together. Now that he has gone on to Colorado, we can’t wait to see him continue to positively impact the game and look forward to watching him find continued success with his new partners, athletes, and expanded communities.”

Nike commented, “We welcome Deion Sanders back to the Nike family.”