Former MLB player David Ortiz is venturing into a new industry.

CBS Boston reports the baseball Hall of Famer will join forces with Rev Brands to launch Papi Cannabis.

“I am beyond excited to announce my new collaboration with Rev Brands in launching PAPI, my new premium brand in Massachusetts. Live Big,” Ortiz wrote on Instagram.


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The Healing Power Of Cannabis

After dedicating years to baseball, Ortiz credits cannabis for helping him manage pain and deal with stress. Now, his brand will work to break stigmas surrounding cannabis use.

“Cannabis changed my life for the better”, said David, according to the company’s website. “For a while, I used to experience a lot of pain and stress. That’s why I want people to understand the healing side of cannabis.”

Papi Cannabis

Papi Cannabis will mirror Ortiz’s belief in the “flow of the flower and its ability to help you live your best life,” as per the company website.

The first offering will be “Sweet Sluggers” and it will be sold at recreational dispensaries across Massachusetts later this month. Customers should expect pre-rolled blunts filled with Ortiz’s preferred strains including Black Mamba #7 and Lava Cake #7.

“I look forward to sharing Papi Cannabis and my personal journey to help people understand all its benefits,” Ortiz said, according to the official website.

The Launch

Each blunt is made with freshly ground flowers loaded with flavorful terpenes and rolled in tobacco-free green tea wrappers. As for the packaging, it will feature colorful artwork created by Ortiz and his daughter, Alexandra.

“I personally prefer pre-rolled blunts, and these ones are special to me because I was able to work with my daughter Alexandra on the colorful artwork for the packaging. I love that we were able to incorporate her design,” Ortiz said, according to Fox News.