DJ D-Nice has mastered the art of creating community through technology. Now, he has forged a partnership to continue these efforts for the greater good.

According to a press release, D-Nice has become an investor in Simplicity Tech Inc. The company’s application provides users with information regarding “city updates, emergencies, outages, road closures, enforcements, and city events.” Simplicity Tech Inc. is used in over 100 cities, including the San Francisco Bay Area.

D-Nice Will Also Join Company's Advisory Board

Derrick “D-Nice” Jones has not only joined the technology company’s advisory board as an investor but an ambassador for the City of Los Angeles. Simplicity Tech Inc. hopes to initiate more partnerships with individuals working to enhance the city, such as D-Nice.

“We believe that any city in the world can utilize the Simplicity app and help its residents navigate the chaos of current social networks and misinformation,” said Juraj Gago, co-founder of Simplicity, in a press statement. Having Derrick back up this critical mission is significant and can help the company achieve our main goal: to improve life in cities.”

Club Quarantine And Simplicity Tech Inc. Have A Shared Mission

For D-Nice, signing off on the partnership was a no-brainer because the similarities of their missions were so apparent.

“Club Quarantine demonstrated the power of technology as a tool to bring together a community of people around the power of music,” said D-Nice, according to a press release. “Simplicity is another example of leveraging technology to lift the spirits and deepen the relationships among people in cities around the world. The alignment was too obvious not to be part of the movement.”

Simplicity Tech Inc. Will Continue To Expand To Other U.S. Cities And Globally

As aforementioned, Simplicity Tech Inc. will work to score more partnerships and target more U.S. and global cities. In fact, the company previously raised $10 million in a seed funding round and hired the former CTO of New York City and CIO of San Francisco Miguel Gamiño Jr. to become its Chief Experience Officer and Founding Partner to support expansion efforts.