Morning anxiety is real when stresses like a massive to-do list, an inbox full of emails, and a slew of scheduled conference calls are the first thing on your mind. While it’s logical to think the sooner you get started on your day, the more stuff you’ll get done, research shows that millions of people feel their productivity plummets when under stress and full of anxiety. Taking some time to develop a morning routine that combats stress can be a game-changer that increases your productivity throughout the day.

Prep the Night Before 

Having an effective morning routine starts with the night before. Depending on your schedule the next day, you might need to go to bed a bit earlier. If you’re due in the office, you want to decide what you’ll wear the night before, pack your lunch, and do anything else you can to prep the night before. This can make your mornings run smooth and reduce the urge to panic and stress.

Review Your To-Do List

Reviewing your to-do list in the morning instead of jumping right into task number one can help you avoid spending half the day on tasks you thought were important the night before. Scanning your to-do list with fresh eyes and a clear mind will put your priorities into perspective and better aid your decision-making skills. A good rule of thumb to remember is quality over quantity when it comes to productivity and navigating your to-do list in the morning.

Gather Your Thoughts

Muhammad Ali once said, “What you’re thinking is what you’re becoming.” So, try to start the day with positive thoughts. There are several methods shared by successful entrepreneurs. For example, Joshua Darius, co-founder of HealNow, sits still and reflects on his dreams to see if any subconscious wisdom applies to his waking hours. Whether it’s laying still before you open your eyes or journaling positive outcomes you believe will happen that day, try  to prioritize your mental health.


If you love the idea of working out in the morning but feel exercising will eat up too much of your time, you may want to reconsider. We all know exercising can help you shed some unwanted pounds, but it can also increase your productivity by 72 percent. If that isn’t enough, former President Barack Obama is said to start his day with a cardio and resistance training.

Master Your Routine

Being productive and getting things done are super important in the life of an entrepreneur, but don’t fall into the trap of morning anxiety and sabotage the rest of your day. Sure, stressful mornings may happen occasionally, but a morning routine can help you combat anxiety and still have a productive day.