Ciara hopes to see improved health narratives for Black women, starting with cervical cancer.

The music legend recently penned a letter for NBC News to advocate for cervical care. According to a recent study, Black women die from cervical cancer at a higher rate than any other racial or ethnic group in the nation. The reality is jarring as the cancer is preventable and treatable. However, due to medical bias and racial disparities, Black women are more likely to be left in the dark.

“The common narrative around Black women and cervical cancer is that we are ‘disproportionately’ affected by it. Astonishingly, Black women are twice as likely to die from cervical cancer than white women, but it’s not because of biology — it’s because of health care disparities, systemic racism and long-held inequities,” Ciara wrote. “This must change. It’s time for us to champion a new narrative — one driven by confidence and strength that extends, rather than ends, a healthy and joyful life.”

Ciara Encourages Black Women To Get Tested

Ciara hopes the rate of women in the U.S. diagnosed with cervical cancer each year will decrease drastically. Specifically, she wants Black women to take charge of their health by participating in cervical screenings, scheduling regular OB/GYN visits for “a regular Pap test from ages 21-29, and both a Pap test and HPV test together starting at 30.”

Implementing these measures will be helpful for early detection and halting cancer from progressing to an untreatable stage.

“Testing is done as part of your well-woman exam — it’s that easy. That’s what self-care is all about, and it’s how we begin to take control and change the narrative,” Ciara wrote.

She continued: “But there’s more. When we know that we are doing everything we can to remain healthy, we are also building confidence in ourselves and our futures. By getting screened, we not only are acting with our best interests in mind, but showing our daughters how to take care of themselves as they grow to become fierce Black women (like their mothers!)”

As AfroTech previously reported, the star teamed up with Project Health Equality and the Black Women’s Health Imperative for their “Cerving Confidence” campaign in June. And, as you can see, she hasn’t slowed down yet as she aims to continue making progress with the cause.