Everybody’s gotta eat, but not everyone knows their way around a kitchen enough to make an appetizing dish (we can tell by some of y’all’s struggle meals).

However, there are men and women who know how to transform ingredients into amazingly delectable dishes while making it look magical and effortless. From conception to the plate, their mouth-watering fare pops up constantly on Instagram feeds, forcing us to step up our game.

As of late, digital culinarians are building their brands and sharing their skills through cooking demos and classes to help us recreate good cuisine in the comfort of our homes.

Follow these six chefs, home cooks, and eats entrepreneurs who put their heart and soul into what we all love—food.

The Spice Suite (@spicesuite)

Founded by DC-based chef, Angel, the Spice Suite is a one-stop haven of every exotic flavor you can imagine. If you like to add a tantalizing taste to every meal, try a thoughtfully curated SpiceBox, which includes an assortment of her most sought-after items. You can shop everything from habanero garlic to white peach balsamic and other infused oils, spice blends, and gourmet sauces to ensure every homemade dish is delicious. Plus, the former MasterChef contestant provides easy-to-follow how-to vids of cuisine she whips up on the regular at home.

Alex Hill (@justaddhotsauce_)

It’s not enough to just have hot sauce in your bag—you need it in your Instagram feed. Inspired by her Puerto Rican mother,  the OG culinary artist in her family, marketing executive Alex Hill doubles as a lively home cook who crafts comforting and tasty meals alongside her pals. She recently launched Cooking With Friends, an unfiltered digital content series that demonstrates a step-by-step look at how to make an affordable and enjoyable fare (Healthy pours of alcohol and hearty laughs are often included). Hill is also offering intimate online cooking classes for folks at home who want to cook right along with her.


Chef Jo (@seasonedbyjo)

As your homemade food ideas begin to run out, look no further than this foodie. DMV-based cook, Chef Jo consistently shares quick-and-easy recipes that spruce up your boring (and let’s be honest, bland) weekly menu. Put a pause on yet another batch of quarantine spaghetti and turn to her daily dishes, which will automatically be an exciting and healthy addition to your at-home menus. Trust us — tender braised short ribs, flavorful pan-seared scallops, thick veggie burgers, and savory chickpea spinach curry are just a preview of how far you can expand your palate by following Chef Jo’s lead in the kitchen.

Seth Brundle (@sethbrundle)

The creator of Aspire TV’s “Butter + Brown,” Seth Brundle pairs mouth-watering meals and tasty cocktails alongside his friend and co-host Leslie. The two put a delicious twist on every food and drink combination they craft, from his Crispy Vegan Honey Schrimp (yes, schrimp!) to The Heart-Shaped Herb Sangria. Tbh, you’ll want to lick your fingers by just looking at the photos. While sheltering in place, and even after, make sure to stay locked into Seth’s IG Stories as he does “Live at 5” cooking demos that will make you salivate at the screen.

Maria Hammonds (@deepfriedhoney)

Some cooks prefer to share the sounds of slicing veggies and a popping skillet in their cooking videos. Maria prefers the sounds of Pink Floyd — and the fire soundtracks are just the icing on the cake.

Traditional go-to meals are this self-taught chef’s jam: one-pot garlic asiago pasta, balsamic glazed chicken thighs, crispy beef tacos, and more. While we can’t pull up to her dinner table for a plate, she posts plenty of vids to help replicate her decadent dishes.

Chef Resha (@chefresha)

Good food is downright sexy and the CarnalDish founder makes arousingly satisfying eats. The self-proclaimed flavor junkie creates recipes for foods you can indulge in. Don’t waste your time denying yourself thick, creamy cheeses, super-chocolatey cookies, or hearty red meats, OK? The uber-successful chef entrepreneur merely wants you to enjoy every temptingly yummy dish. Trust, from her page to her stories, you will find it all. A word of advice before diving in? As she puts it simply: “leave your calorie counter at the door.”