Longtime friends and CEOs Dawn Dickson and Natasia Malaihollo have joined forces to further innovate the automated retail industry through their two companies.

Recently, tech company PopCom — an automated retail company that leverages facial detection, machine learning, and blockchain technology — announced their recent acquisition of game-based survey company Wyzerr as part of its plan to shape the future of retail.

“The acquisition of Wyzerr marks an exciting new chapter for PopCom,” said PopCom founder Dickson in a statement. “Natasia and I have the same goals in mind, and together we will continue to make waves and change the whole look of the automated retail industry.”

Wyzzer — which was founded by Malaihollo in 2014 — was created to make surveys fun and easy to supply. As the company looks ahead, it hopes to align with PopCom in a way that will allow them to thrive post-pandemic.

“My journey with Wyzerr was incredible, and we made a real impact on the companies we worked with,” said Malaihollo. “But now the world is different. Retail is different. To stay ahead, we have to think outside of the box and align ourselves with people that are building companies that will not only survive a pandemic but adapt to the new normal.”

She added: “I believe PopCom is what brick-and-mortar stores look like in the future. I’m excited for this new chapter of growth and innovation as we work together to create a new landscape in retail.”

CEO Malaihollo has dedicated the last six years of her life to Wyzerr building the company from the ground up.

Today, the company has served over 2,200 business customers in over 53 countries, helping businesses like Kroger, Unilever, Walmart, Google, and Facebook better understand their customers and employees.

Wyzerr is most known for its innovative surveys, which will become a huge asset to PopCom as the company further explores its artificial intelligence and vending machines.

Their merger with PopCom will ultimately improve consumers’ experiences and cater more to their needs while determining what other aspects require attention.

“If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we have to build and create products, services, and technologies that serve and enrich our own communities and people,” Malaihollo concluded. “At PopCom, we will build retail solutions that will make it easier for creators to sell in airports, large cities, hotels, and other places they normally wouldn’t be able to have a presence in.”

For more information on PopCom and Wyzerr, visit their websites.