CeeLo Green is merging his music world with digital reality.

The five-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter-producer and Jack Splash, a fellow Grammy winner, are collaborating with CEEK Metaverse to share their music. With the music duo’s project “THE PINK” on its way later in 2023, they released the music video for their single “Serious” on CEEK Metaverse — which marks the debut for each of them on the platform.

“I had the pleasure of working with CEEK prior as talent for an event, establishing a rapport quickly, becoming fond of one another,” the “Crazy” crooner Green told AfroTech. “The next natural progression was to possibly endeavor more exclusively. It was the genuine interest and initiatives they took that spoke volumes.”

Splash — an artist and producer who has worked with Alicia Keys, Kendrick Lamar, and others — says that he and Green have been creating futuristic art for a long time, so it made CEEK the perfect fit for them.

“When I saw what CEEK was doing in the metaverse as far as trying to create really unique and fun spaces for fans and artists to get together in our own little worlds, I thought it was really special and was a perfect fit for CeeLo and I and our new band, THE PINK,” Splash said. “The whole goal of our band is to literally create new worlds — and ways of thought — through our music. What better way to do that than to partner with a company who’s actively pioneering in that space?”

As previously reported by AfroTech, CEEK is an immersive virtual experience that allows users to connect with artists through 360 videos, True 3D, or 2D streaming. What’s more, creators have access to new revenue streams from their work catalog. Green and Splash’s music video was filmed in 360, the press release details.

“I am so inspired by CeeLo and Jack Splash’s music for ‘THE PINK,’” CEEK Founder and CEO Mary Spio shared with AfroTech. “The vibe and visuals perfectly aligned with everything the CEEK Metaverse stands for: being bold, colorful, fun, authentic, unique and unapologetic. We felt a real connection to the music, its quality music and content, and CEEK is excited to be a vehicle for making their genius come to life.”

Green and Splash’s upcoming collaborative album includes their music influences such as Nina Simone, Little Richard, Prince, and more. The two are looking forward to having their fans join in on the ride.

“With CeeLo and I, I think people should expect the unexpected,” Splash said. “With ‘THE PINK,’ we’re finally letting people peek behind the curtain. For years, CeeLo and I have been creating some pretty magical music together, and giving small pieces of it to the fans here and there, but on this group album, we’re going to be giving it to them pretty raw and uncut, which I think is missing in most contemporary music.”

Watch the exclusive premiere of the “Serious” music video below: