For over two decades, Ceci Kurzman solidified herself as an entertainment industry veteran.

During an interview with AfroTech’s “Black Tech Green Money” podcast — hosted by Will Lucas — the former music executive went down memory lane detailing how she climbed her way up in the business.

Starting at Arista Records working for Clive Davis, Kurzman went on to work for Epic Records in 1997 as the vice president of worldwide marketing, where she led the marketing team and oversaw the United States and international strategy for artists like Michael Jackson, Sade, Céline Dion, and more.

After a 20-year run, Kurzman pivoted to becoming a private investor. However, she first started by managing artists and investing in businesses on their behalf.

“My goal for the artists, having been in the business for a while, was how do you give them a second act?” Kurzman shared. “How do you take that moment when they’re at the absolute top of their career and their greatest influence and use it to leverage that into opportunities that give them access to generational wealth? Access to cap tables that most people don’t have access to.”

Helping artists get their seat at the table is how Kurzman secured her own.

As of this writing, she sits on the boards of Warner Music, Lanvin, and United Talent Agency. Previously, she also served on Revlon’s board. Kurzman detailed that she helps businesses’ management teams make decisions, raise capital, hire teams, and build business models. What’s more, she described her “side hustle” as putting women on boards.

When it comes to how Kurzman invests, she ensures that she has a risk profile instead of investing in 20 early-stage companies and hoping for one of them to be successful.

“I like companies that have product market fit, have teams, and where they are is a position to put jet fuel on their business,” she said.

Along with being a private investor, Kurzman is the founder of OurX. As previously reported by AfroTech, the data-tech platform aims to help the textured hair community.

“Our big mission with OurX is really building a super strong data index that demonstrates how powerful this consumer base is, what the share of wallet and economy this consumer drives, and how underrepresented we are in terms of the diversity of the offerings,” Kurzman explained to AfroTech. “And I say that beyond product, right, and what the expectations are of this consumer when it comes to a category we’re highly engaged and highly invested in.”

To check out the full episode of the “Black Tech Green Money” podcast, listen below.