Sliding in the DM just got a lot safer as CarpeDM — an online dating app exclusive to Black women — has partnered with KarmaCheck to incorporate 100 percent background checks for its members on the dating platform.

A Safe Space

As 21Ninety previously reported, the match-making application was created by Howard Law School alumni Naza Shelley and Sali Hama to ensure Black women could be equally as successful while exploring the world of dating.

Unlike most dating platforms, CarpeDM requires users to connect with likely prospects through a video chat before they converse via texting.

An Even Safer Space

The new partnership will enable CarpeDM to implement more measures prioritizing the well-being of its growing community of users.

“We’re excited to partner with CarpeDM to help make the online dating experience safer and more trustworthy for singles. While quickly and accurately verifying user data, KarmaCheck goes to great lengths to ensure that user data is protected for users and privacy concerns are addressed,” KarmaCheck’s CEO Eric Ly said in a press statement.

Their vetting process will include identity, employment, income, sex offender registry, and criminal history. In addition, central history markers will include sex crimes, domestic violence, violent crimes, financial crimes such as fraud and theft, and identity theft. 

The company’s priority for these markers is to assess a potential member’s “dateability” and fitness for membership. Therefore, low-level infractions, traffic violations, and misdemeanor drug offenses alone will not be disqualifying factors.

“Singles have been asking for more accountability from dating apps and services for years, but most have not stepped up to the plate leaving both their female and male users vulnerable to being scammed, defrauded, and physically violated,” Shelley said in a press release. “While it’s always important for singles to do their own due diligence, we’re committed to doing our part to help curate a safe dating community with the highest quality members.” 

"Seize the Dating"

CarpeDM is accepting membership applications here.