Have you recently hit pause on your love life? Well, Lyft and Tinder believe it’s time to put moves on your dating prospects while putting them on the move.

In an unanticipated yet innovative matchup, the companies partnered on Oct.7 for a new Lyft feature that allows Tinder users to send their date a Lyft ride, according to a Lyft blog post. Outside continues to open back up and the dating app and transportation app have teamed up to assist getting real life connections back in action.

“The seamlessly integrated feature encourages thoughtful gestures for those ready to get back out there and meet someone new,” Lyft shared.

First impressions are crucial to securing a second date and the two apps are helping their users come in strong into the dating world in regards to in-person dating. This latest feature can be accessed through Tinder’s new Explore hub — where users can now buy a Lyft ride credit for their match to transport them to their special date.

The feature’s steps are simple: Create the ride credit, enter the ride details and send over the link to your date to meet you for your outing. It’s also important to note that both the ride sender and the recipient must each have the Lyft app downloaded.

Feeling hesitant about hopping in the ride? Not only is the feature a chivalrous act, but it also ensures that safety comes first. According to Lyft’s blog post, specific addresses and locations won’t be exchanged and “ride credits will only be valid for drop-off within a half-mile of the set destination.” But ultimately depending on user preference, a decline option is also provided. Users will also be refunded for any unused credits.

Flowers, gifts and now sponsored Lyft rides — sounds like a true modern age love story.