When it comes to getting your finances together, Tiffany The Budgetnista is your girl!

As the founder and creator of The Budgetnista, Aliche takes pride in educating people on how to manage their finances and has been dubbed “America’s favorite personal finance educator.”

Despite the fact that Aliche is a guru at what she does, the Internet and social media provide a platform for many others like her who are well-versed in the finance sector. Not only has she managed to garner a huge following, but the New York Times bestselling author is building a community and saving people’s finances at the same time!


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She explains that when she began to let her guard down, she was able to really connect with followers.

“Once I learned to let go and be myself, is when things changed,” said Aliche in an interview with Black Tech Green Money’s Will Lucas. “If you look back at any of my old YouTube videos from like 10 years ago I was stiff like, ‘Hello, my name is Tiffany,’ but now I’m like ‘GIRL, your budget!'”

For Aliche, it took one moment to step outside of her comfort zone, which allowed the real Tiffany to slip through the cracks and in turn, it worked in her favor tremendously.

“Maybe like six or seven years ago, I was doing a live and someone asked a question and the real Tiffany slipped through and I was like, ‘Ooh, let me pull it all back to professional,’ but then the comments went crazy,” Aliche said. “From there, I turned it up a little bit more and ran across a documentary where Oprah revealed that the best piece of advice she’d ever received was from Quincy Jones who said that what makes her so special is that she’s exactly the same on camera as she is off-camera.”

“It was that piece of advice that resonated with me the most, and I began to align my brand with it,” she continued. “I worked over the last five years, in particular, to be the same Tiffany on camera as I am off.”

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