Bubba Wallace changed the way we look at NASCAR. Once considered a sport only enjoyed by working-class white people, the man born William Darrell Wallace Jr. proved that the sport can be just as welcoming to Black people, as well.

But being a groundbreaker in the sport meant that he had to overcome some obstacles, as well.

“I’ve been racing for 17, 18 years going on and it took 17 years to get a sponsor, basically,” Bubba Wallace said to Forbes Magazine. “Now we’ve had sponsors along the way, don’t get me wrong, but to be in the financial situation that we’re in, you know, life is good.”

Despite the inauspicious start, the world seems to belong to him now. Sportscasting reports that Wallace continues to line up new sponsors with each season, and Yahoo reports that he’s living up to all the expectations set for him by his 23XI team owner, the legendary Michael Jordan. “Now we’ve got to deliver. [Michael Jordan] wants results,” he said. “He’s not a ride-around guy, and we all have our expectations, and we’ve got to manage those the right way.”

So, what is the net worth of Bubba Wallace? Let’s take a look at how the groundbreaking racecar driver makes his money.

What's Bubba Wallace's Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bubba Wallace has a net worth of $3 million. His net worth mostly comes from his various winnings through NASCAR. According to the outlet, he’s one of the most successful Black NASCAR driver in the sport’s history.

Sponsorships And Endorsements

According to NBC Sports, Bubba Wallace — and, specifically, his No. 23 Toyota — are sponsored by DoorDash, McDonald’s, Columbia Sportswear, Dr. Pepper, and Root Insurance.


Bubba Wallace founded, and currently is an ardent supporter, of the Live to be Different Foundation, which provides $10,000 in scholarships every year to high school and college students. He’s also an ardent supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.