Former pharmacist Brittney Mikell will be making history in her next chapter.

WCCO-TV reports Mikell exited her role in pharmacy after experiencing burnout. She then decided to purse her passion in brewing and landed a role as an assistant brewer at La Dona Cerveceria in Minneapolis, MN.

“I didn’t feel like I was making the impact that I really wanted to in healthcare,” Mikell explained to  Eater Twin Cities. “I woke up one day and realized that this could be a really cool place where I could make an impact. You only really live once, so I decided, let’s just pivot — why not?”

Mikell maintained bigger aspirations while working at La Dona Cerveceria, referring to herself as “a huge dreamer,” per WCCO-TV. She plans to become the first Black woman to own a brewery in Minnesota.

This is significant as just 1% of breweries in the U.S. are Black-owned, Essence reports. Additionally, of the 200 breweries in the state, few are owned by women or people of color, WCCO-TV mentions.

“The brewing industry isn’t very diverse in our state and in general, as it stands,” she told the outlet.

Mikell is looking to diversify the industry by educating others when she opens Bubble Line Brewing Company in Saint Paul, MN’s Rondo neighborhood, a predominantly Black area, in early 2025.

“I spend a lot of time at breweries and find that there are not very many Black people nor people of color there in general, and in leadership,” Mikell said, per Eater Twin Cities. “I really want to be able to bring more folks of color into brewing.”

To reach the community, Mikell is going to offer apprenticeships for people of color interested in brewing as well as pay employees a comfortable wage, while focusing on environmental sustainability for the brewing process.

Currently, she is looking to raise $500,000 through crowdfunding to support the business, and previously she had already secured $27,800 in funding.

“Everything’s lined up — we’re just looking at buildings and trying to make something happen,” she mentioned, according to Eater Twin Cities.

While the community awaits the grand opening, there have been some insights on what they can expect. The brewery will feature craft beers, including a signature Honeycrisp apple blonde ale, Eater Twin Cities reports. Menu items will also include non-alcoholic beverages such as lattes, mocktails, a ghost pepper lemonade, and THC beverages, according to information on the crowdfunding page.

“We’re really focused on innovation — you have to make a d-mn good beer,” she expressed to Eater Twin Cities.