Mixed feelings have been swarming regarding the usage of artificial intelligence (AI).

People have chimed in that it could accelerate things such as the development and reach of climate improvement and sustainable solutions. On the other hand, how it’s used in the music industry, specifically, has been scrutinized.

As previously reported by AfroTech, streaming services have taken action by pulling down AI-generated music.

There’s no telling whether the general public will ever come to a consensus, but it’s clear that people are tapping into how to use AI to their own advantage. When it comes to being on a job hunt, a critical factor is having an updated professional headshot. Under the username @ketchyna, the TikToker decided to use Remini for her LinkedIn profile.

@ketchyna They ate with the first 2 im ngl i might actually use them😭 #fyp #fypシ #ai ♬ Get You (feat. Kali Uchis) – Daniel Caesar

“While y’all using the AI filter for baby pictures, I’m gonna use it for my LinkedIn professional headshots,” the TikToker shared in her video.

After uploading the TikTok, it has since gone viral and raked in 1.3 million views (as of this writing). In a brief tutorial, @ketchyna showed that she used Remini’s professional filter by uploading her selfies and selecting which clothing style she wanted for the photo frames. 

“Generate stunningly realistic photos of yourself that look like they were taken by a professional photographer,” Remini’s website describes.

The video was met with slight critique about using the popular AI photo enhancer app for professional headshots.

“If you’re gonna use AI, always check the hands because AI doesn’t do that great with hands as of yet,” one user commented.

However, there were also users thanking @ketchyna for sharing her idea to the masses.

“Seen this on Twitter yesterday,” a user wrote. “So today I got ready to take selfies to do this. I’ve been looking for apps to edit a blazer on myself. Thx for this.”