The utilization of technology in everyday life isn’t new and neither are its advancements.  That rings even more true in the music industry.

Acclimating to new advancements of software and hardware can produce challenges in both the learning and creative process, and on this episode of the Black Tech Green Money podcast with Will Lucas, Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum producer, Bryan Michael Cox discusses adjusting to a world that has technology advancing the art of production nearly every week.

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Bryan Michael Cox has done extensive work with the likes of Usher, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, and Toni Braxton but no one is immune to adjusting with the times — not even Bryan.

“The shift from Logic to Ableton was a hard shift because I was in the middle of projects,” he says. “So learning Ableton in the midst of making an Usher album, a Monica album…was difficult because I couldn’t adjust in the middle of projects.”

In episode 2 of the Black Tech Green Money podcast, Bryan and Will take a deep dive into the importance of learning programming and give praise to Steve Jobs for going against a norm that, realistically, wasn’t there until Jobs created it.

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“He knew he couldn’t compete with corporate America. So what do you do? Raise up the next generation of users,” says Bryan. “If we can’t get in the corporate world, we’ll put them in schools. When I was graduating, the only company that was making computers for creatives was Apple. Which was all I used to learn.”

Bryan also reflects on how FL has not only given new producers better tools to create but also the added perk of understanding programming as a whole. A new skillset that Bryan states is teaching said producers to elevate music and adding a layer of creativity never seen before.

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