As the national shortage of vital supplies continues, companies are pivoting their products to contribute to COVID-19 relief efforts.

According to BlackNews, Vanessa Braxton, founder of Black Momma Vodka, has decided to utilize the alcohol she has on hand to produce and distribute thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer.

As the first Black woman to own and operate a nationally distributed vodka in the country, Braxton is using her company’s materials for the greater good.

Black Enterprise shared a press release statement from Braxton:

“We are changing with the times and we have to be ready to shift how we are serving our community and consumers in the midst of this crisis.

If I didn’t own a distillery and manufacturing facility I would not have been able to pivot so quickly from producing vodka to making hand sanitizer. We are ready to evolve and reinvent our business to work with government agencies and hospitals, to protect those on the frontlines of fighting this pandemic.”

According to Afro, Braxton is known for becoming the first Black woman in global history to raise $2.1 million for her latest venture, Black Momma Tea & Cafe (BMTC), through an equity crowdfunding platform.

Braxton’s widespread efforts will help healthcare workers, first responders, patients, and community members who are all battling this virus. Hand sanitizer has become a nearly sold-out essential item that many are relying on.

“In challenging times like these it is important as a business owner who makes products to have control over your manufacturing and equipment,” said Braxton.

Despite the pandemic catching many companies off guard, Braxton’s entrepreneurial spirit shows a great example of what it means to help the community-at-large.