Leading women-founded ice cream brand Coolhaus and social organization Black Girl Ventures (BGV) have both joined forces to announce the launch of a new initiative aimed at supporting Black and brown business-women.

According to a press release, both entities have introduced “Currency Cake” — a carrot cake batter ice cream with cream cheese frosting swirl and candied pecans — which is considered the first-ever pint of ice cream solely created to fund the next generation of Black and Brown women entrepreneurs.

Many reports have shared that Black founders, and Black women founders in particular, receive very little access to venture capital and have no choice but to rely on fundraising through family and friends, grants and crowdfunding.

Thus, BGV and Coolhaus wish to launch a venture that will change that narrative for Black and brown business-women and help them reach their company goals.

“When we have big ideas for brands that can change the game, the next step is finding unique ways to communicate the message,” Coolhaus CEO Natasha Case shared in a statement. “It’s so important that Black and Brown female founders have access to the capital and resources to make that possible. We are excited to see the funds from the grant very strategically support those elements of growing a company… which can often be unaffordable. We can’t wait to see the amazing work that comes from funding BGV brands in this specific capacity.”

According to BGV CEO Shelly Bell, “all proceeds from Currency Cake will go toward creating a grant for Black and Brown women business owners for marketing, IP, and design needs.”

“At Black Girl Ventures we work to create access to capital, capacity and community, and we are supporting and helping in the building of businesses that will affect generations to come,” she adds.

The ice cream “Currency Cake” can be purchased through Coolhaus’ website now.