There is so much power in helping someone else make their dreams come true.

Making Dreams Come True

For Arlan Hamilton, her work as a venture capitalist (VC) has afforded her the opportunity to be a blessing to others. This time, she’s joined forces with Adero Knott to bring her app to life and it all started when she tagged Hamilton in an image coupled with the headline, “Black Disabled Woman Develops App That Makes Customized Prosthetics Covid-Proof For Amputees.”


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“While conducting market research and surveys for my app idea, I decided to put myself out there and made a post on Instagram,” said Knott in a post shared to Medium. “Shortly after, Arlan DMed saying she wanted to meet me, and the rest was history.”

AK Prosthetics

Speaking of history, Hamilton personally backed AK Prosthetics with not only capital but mentorship and guidance.

“I was drawn in by Adero’s passion, overwhelming talent and vision, and her grit,” said Hamilton of the inspiration behind backing Knott’s brand. “She always seems to be in forward motion. She has a mission and will not stop until her arrow hits the target.”

Knott's Personal Commitment To Helping Others

The business is a personal one for Knott who identifies as a congenital below-elbow amputee. For nearly a decade, she has dedicated her life to helping to ensure that prosthetic limbs are both accessible and inclusive for individuals in communities that are underrepresented.

Not only is this an industry Adero has been personally familiar with for the majority of her life, but she’s also dedicated nearly a decade to making prosthetic limbs accessible and inclusive for underrepresented communities.

Looking Ahead To The Future

Now, Hamilton’s Project Cover has awarded Knott’s AK Prosthetics with the first-ever BIPOC Inventors Grant developed under the nonprofit.



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With the grant, Knott will be equipped to develop a bike adapter for amputees.