There’s been a lot of trickery going on when it comes to various scams across the internet and one certain move has landed musician Baby Blue in the hot seat.

Complex reports that the Pretty Ricky bandmate, whose government name is Diamond “Blue” Smith has officially turned himself in to start his 20-month prison sentence due to his alleged involvement in a $24 million COVID-19 loan scam.

In a recent interview, he says that a lie got him caught up in the madness that ultimately led to time in prison.

He claims, according to the outlet, that as the “only” man with face masks in America, he “made a quarter of a million dollars in 20 days” after managing to sell two million masks. And he alleges that those said masks came from a clothing manufacturer in China.

Where It All Started

After realizing the amount of money that he had come up on, the Miami emcee made the decision to purchase a baby blue Lamborghini (perhaps to accompany the stage name he’s gone by since the group was first formed in 1997).

He says that a football agent employed by an unknown record label ultimately talked him out of the purchase, instead claiming that he would make the purchase for the rapper himself.

Allegedly, the said agent asked for Blue’s LLC and name prior to Blue waking up to a few hundred thousand dollars with a paid $100,000 commission to the agent.

“I still don’t know how I got the money, I’m thinking it came from the football agent’s loan company,” said Blue in the interview with VladTV. “I don’t know the details of what’s going on because this is the beginning of the pandemic. Don’t nobody know what a PPP is. It don’t exist, it’s brand new…n-gga, I’m a musician. I don’t know shit about no PPP. I barely know how to file my motherf-ckin’ taxes.”

Baby Blue's Claims

According to Blue, he has been at the center of headlines due to the allegations, but he feels as though he was simply used as a “marketing tool,” citing that his role in the entire process was what is known as “influencer marketing.”

On Aug. 4, the 37-year-old pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud upon his arrest in 2020. He was arrested after two of his companies received thousands of dollars in loans. LLC received a loan of close to $427,000 and Blue Star Records LLC received a loan of $708,000, Complex reports.

Blue claims that the men who managed to get him the loans were operating as “informants.”

“The n—as who got us the loans turned informants,” he claimed in the interview with VladTV. “They turned to the confidential informants and now they start telling, ‘Oh, we did loans for them and them and them, and they bought this and this and that. But these the same people you ain’t even tell them where the money came from. You told them it was coming from a football agency.”

Baby Blue is currently serving time at FCI Coleman Low located in Coleman, Florida.