B. Simone joins Footaction for the second time to encourage women to have faith over fear when navigating this thing called life.

Her all-new line, “Faith Over Fear,” was launched on International Women’s Day as the brand continues its focus on its female consumer and its commitment to amplifying women throughout Women’s History Month through a campaign called No 1 Way | Seeing Her.

Over the course of the next two years, Footaction will partner with women like B. Simone for exclusive product creation, content, and live events (once it is safe again).

A true ceiling smasher, B. Simone became the first woman to create an exclusive collection for Footaction in November 2020.

We sat down with B. Simone to talk about what “faith over fear” means to her, how she manifested this collaboration, and what it feels like to make history with Footaction.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of B. Simone

Editorial Note: This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

AfroTech: First off, congratulations on your second line with Footaction! When you think of “faith over fear,” what does that mean to you?

B. Simone: It’s so crazy because this is what I’m going through in my personal life and honestly God is telling me to practice what I preach because I too still have bad days. Faith and fear cannot co-exist, you have to choose one and fear is not the option.

AfroTech: And speaking of faith, you sure had to have a lot of it to step out and manifest something like this. How did you manage to do this?

B. Simone: I’ve always wanted to get into apparel and have been wearing Footaction since I was a kid. So, maybe I’ve been manifesting this since I was a kid, unknowingly.

My manager had a previous connection with someone who worked with the Footaction team and they had been in discussions and just loved my brand and everything that I stood for. So, we figured out a way to bring both of our brands together. I’ve also always wanted to do apparel and on a larger scale so just always having that in the back of my mind and bringing it all to fruition has been amazing!

AfroTech: Come through manifestation! Tell us how it feels to have paved the way at Footaction as the first woman to create a line with the company.

B. Simone: I’m honored. I’m setting the tone and I just thank Footaction because they let me be 100% myself. They ask me what I like, what I don’t like and I have a hand in every aspect of the collab and I just respect them for that. We both bring amazing ideas to the table and it just turned out to be a very, very powerful. A collab with a message behind it is always what I’ve wanted to do.

Whatever I’m going through or whatever I’m manifesting, I like to put it out in my content, material or whatever I’m promoting so that it’s organic and just doesn’t feel so commercial-like or marketing — it’s just me promoting my truth.

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