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Are You Ready for AfroTech? Five Tips to Make the Most of Your Experience

My first time attending AfroTech was in 2017, and I was blown away by it. I had never been to a tech conference, and the fact that my introduction to the tech world was amongst my people made it much more special. I likened what I saw to Wakanda from the movie “Black Panther” in an article I wrote for Blavity last year called, “ How I Saw Wakanda At AfroTech .” Fast forward to 2019, and I am preparing to attend my third AfroTech as a member of Team Founder Gym. I have a game plan to maximize the experience — a schedule of the events I want to attend, objectives for what I want to accomplish, and a list of all the dope people I want to meet. Don’t worry! I’m not keeping all these gems to myself. To help you navigate this truly awe-inspiring event, check out my top five pro tips to #LevelUp at AfroTech. 1. Create a Game Plan There are so many great speakers and events lined up for AfroTech 2019. It can be overwhelming! Take a deep breath and create a plan. Create a list of the...

Nov 7, 2019