Who knew that building an app could be as easy as 1-2-3?

Tara Reed is showing entrepreneurs that you don’t have to know how to code in order to build your app.

As the founder of Apps Without Code, the No. 1 online school for app entrepreneurs, Reed is assisting others in bringing their app ideas to life and teaching them how to do it with ease.

“So before it used to be that if you had an idea for an app or an online business you would have had to hire someone to build it for you and usually pricing for that starts at 20K and up,” Reed tells Will Lucas, host of Black Tech Green Money.

She also explains that back then entrepreneurs would also have to find someone to be their tech business partner in order to make an app idea run smoothly, but now that has all changed.

“What changed is that the platforms and software available to let people build apps are different,” she continued. “Before you had to know a coding language to get the job done, but now you can build apps in English.”

Reed further explains how her platform makes it even easier for creatives and entrepreneurs to build out their own ideas.

“So, the way it works is that you design the app by drag-drop point and click what you like as if you’re making a Powerpoint presentation,” she shared.

From there, the program gives step-by-step instructions in English to help users with executing their ideas. She also explains the tech skills that Apps Without Code allows its users to have.

“There are some basic tech skills and competency that it helps you to have,” Reed said. “For example, if answering your emails is something that’s hard for you to do, you should outsource it.”

The same thing applies when it comes to building out your app, but that is what Apps Without Code steps in to do.

For more from Reed on what’s required to build an app, the difference between native apps and web apps, and more, listen to the full Black Tech Green Money episode below: