Amazon employs 1.3 million people worldwide, 950,000 of which work in the U.S.

That means one in every 153 American workers is an Amazon employee, Business Insider reports, and the tech giant also boasts a team of 1,200 recruiters. Simone Porter is a part of Amazon’s recruitment team. She focuses on attracting talent for non-tech roles. She’s been working for the company for roughly four and a half years in various roles, so she knows what it takes to land a job and climb the ladder.

In case you missed it, Porter shared some of her recruiting and hiring tips at AfroTech Conference during her “Getting Hired Hacks: The Resume that Wins the Job” solo session. And it is safe to say, she took a deep dive into how to personalize your resume and make it stand out.

“You can think of the resume as your 30 second, written elevator pitch,” Porter said in the AfroTech metaverse. “It’s the way that you are able to brand yourself in a short amount of time and describe who you are in a very clear, concise manner.”

When Porter is looking to fill a non-tech role at Amazon, she sifts through hundreds of candidates. So, how do you make your resume stand out? How do you properly list all of your accomplishments? How does your experience fit with the job needs?

Tailoring Your Resume Is Key

Porter’s most significant bit of advice was to make sure you tailor your resume each time you’re applying for a new role. While this may be a tedious process, recruiters may only look at your resume for six to ten seconds before deciding to push you forward in the interview process; it’s essential to catch their attention from the jump. You can easily tailor your resume by keeping a running list of all of your experience to pull from quickly, including keywords from the job description, and making sure job titles are equivalent to the new role you’re applying for. 

“A lot of people think that it’s just very mundane and just annoying to just tailor your resume to each and every role,” Porter said. “But that’s going to be extremely important. If you’re trying to get from resume to interview, you must tailor your resume.”

Porter compared a good resume to one that could use a little work. She also shared what recruiters typically look for.

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