We often hear of student-athletes securing name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals that lead them to thrive in their careers. However, learning of ones that specifically help others isn’t your typical story — that is until a recent partnership with Oregon State football player Alex Austin.

The college defensive back teamed up with Access Scholarships and the Hirect App to create his own scholarship, the Alex Austin Overcoming Adversity Scholarship, according to Los Angeles Sentinel.

With the help of his agent Shawn O’Gorman, Austin launched his scholarship. According to the athlete, being a community activist since a young age played a role in the idea of supporting others.

“Even if I could just help to pay for somebody’s books for the year, just being able to do a good deed is all I really wanted to do,” Austin said, according to Los Angeles Sentinel.

His financial fund aims to empower college students who are battling life challenges and encourage them to push for their dreams.

“That’s really the whole motto of the scholarship,” he said. “There’s somebody that’s struggling and there’s always somebody who’s struggling worse than them. But if I can help them, pick them up, maybe they’ll pick the next person up.”

The Overcoming Adversity Scholarship

The scholarship is set to have three winners. One first-place winner will be awarded $1,000 while the two second-place winners will receive $500 each. Austin received over 45 applicants on the first day.

“I know now, it’s probably in the hundreds, maybe even a thousand,” Austin told the outlet, in regards to the response. “I can’t even tell you the exact number right now.”

The applications are reviewed by Austin and Access Scholarships. The scholarship is open to high school and undergraduate students of all years. First-generation college students and minorities are given higher priority in their decision-making.

How To Apply

The scholarship’s website shares that all applicants must write an essay about a hardship they experienced and how they overcame it.

The deadline to apply is Sept. 1.

To learn more about the Overcoming Adversity Scholarship, click here.