A music mogul like Quincy Jones backing an “emotional” artificial technology (AI) music startup sounds like a match made in heaven.

The startup — Musimap — is on a mission to develop effective music roadmaps for its users through AI. The automated engine leverages automated engines and metadata enhancement to generate a playlist that has a familiar music palette to correspond with the personality profile.

When Jones made the decision to tap into Musimap last year, he operated as a special advisor disclosing a personalized listing of his top-performing singles in order for the company to curate a precise profile. The profile was generated in “a fraction of a second” with results matching songs across common themes including love, playfulness, sensibility and happiness. The search engine also revealed Soul Jazz, Pop, Disco and Jazz were the top contenders for the key genre, Music Business World previously reported.

Since Musimaps’s acquisition of Jones’ catalog in May, the AI company is upscaling its database with Switzerland-based investor Utopia Music, a tech company examining the music industry holistically through advanced technology to curate a revamped music ecosystem, per the company’s website.

“The acquisition of Musimap represents yet another milestone on our journey of becoming the world’s preferred technology supporting the entire music industry by creating new revenue streams, consolidating data, and reducing administration while offering a broad spectrum of diverse, yet deeply innovative services across the globe,” Utopia Chairman of the board, Mattias Hjelmstedt said in a press statement.

“This is a key enabler in making the world a better place for creators through Fair Pay For Every Play.” Hjelmstedt continues.

Utopia’s interest in Musimap is due to its commitment to changing the music landscape as they acquire royalty payments globally to rights holders. With its eye on Utopia’s “never-before-seen access and reporting depth,” the acquisition will bring forth a more enriched database where the company will have the power to support creative rights and generate business opportunities within the music industry.

Its acquisition has increased its employment to almost 150 employees with expansions into areas such as Belgium, Canada and central Europe — making it possible for the company to meet its goal to house 80 percent of the world’s music global catalog. Its reach is supported not only by celebrity figureheads such as Quincy Jones, but also includes industry giants Warner Music, Vevo, and Universal Music Group.

Utopia’s latest investment will make Musimaps software the blueprint for emotional AI within the music industry.

“Musimap’s technology is the FUTURE and it makes my soul smile to see it become the AI backbone of another tech giant,” Jones says. “Teaming up with Utopia will undoubtedly unlock new doors for Musimap, and allow it to continue changing the way we consume music, and empower creators, through enhanced discoverability.”