The 2024 AFROTECH™ Conference is just months away, and the countdown has begun with even bigger and better ways to empower the community.

As one of the largest cultural events dedicated to individuals evolving the tech space, AFROTECH™ offers something for everyone — whether you’re an industry enthusiast, hold a C-Suite position, or are the CEO of your own company. The conference’s latest initiative is designed specifically for founders.

Since its inception in 2016, AFROTECH™ has been committed to empowering the community. The new AFROTECH™ Founder Circle intends to continue this mission by focusing on reducing attendance costs, enhancing skill sets, and expanding access for founders within the community.

The all-new program will operate under a three-pronged strategy: enhancing executive presence and leadership, broadening access to venture capital networks, and fostering peer-to-peer learning and support.

In collaboration with, AFROTECH™ will sponsor 200 tickets for founders attending the annual fall conference. This opportunity will help business owners connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs, learn through intentional programming, and expand their reach through increased visibility at the event.

By joining the founder experience, business owners will have access to General Admission-level experiences and the chance to participate in the Founder Summit at the Corporate Tier of the event.

Founders who apply and are selected will receive a special “Founder Sticker” to facilitate recognition and networking, along with three virtual sessions with Olivia Fox Cabane — French-American author and founder of The KindEarth.Tech (KET) Foundation — and an in-person session during the conference.

Founders can apply to the program from now until July 5.

Founders can apply to the program from now until July 1. A comprehensive selection process led by the Office of the CEO will follow, with notifications sent out by mid-July. Virtual sessions will begin in August and recur monthly until the in-person session at the 2024 AFROTECH™ Conference, running Nov. 14-15 in Houston, TX.

The AFROTECH™ Founder Circle is currently seeking early-stage startups across various verticals. The selection process will focus on the team, market, progress, and problem that the startup is solving.

If you’re a founder who fits the criteria, click here to begin the application process.