Iconic 90s fashion brand Cross Colours has made its way to Nordstrom NYC to launch a one-of-a-kind immersive shopping experience for one of the world’s greatest brands.

According to a press release, the brand has announced a two-week exhibition pop-up shop at the major retailer’s New York-based flagship shop as part of Nordstrom’s revolving Center Stage platform — known for featuring some of the most prominent brands from around the world.

“Nordstrom is giving the brand one of the greatest platforms in the history of Cross Colours,” co-founder Carl Jones said in a statement. “This launch will be the first time we have the opportunity to showcase our full collection in one place – the fleece, the denim – and in the way that we would like to present it to our customers. We have an opportunity to create a true Cross Colours experience for our customers. For us, that’s everything.”

The temporary installation displays both the past and present stages of the brand along with its core values, which include vintage Cross Colours pieces that have been worn by celebrities and fans of the brand over the years.

The new exhibit will also walk old and new shoppers through the rich history of Cross Colours through famous 90s imagery and vintage pieces from the brand’s archive — including images of stars like Tupac Shakur, Magic Johnson and Will Smith.

Photo Credit: Cross Colours

The Nordstrom pop-up shop marks a milestone for the brand and offers it a larger platform to show consumers how it became one of the most well-known Black-owned brands in the 90s through today.

“There is so much customer love and nostalgia for Cross Colours and we’re thrilled to introduce a new generation to this iconic brand’s message of unity, equality and empowerment,” said Jen Jackson Brown — EVP and President of Nordstrom Product Group, Nordstrom, Inc. — in a statement.

“This collaboration with Nordstrom is monumental for Cross Colours,” co-founder TJ Walker echoed in a statement. “To us, this collaboration reinforces the fact that the brand is important to the community and to the culture. Ultimately, Nordstrom has provided us with an opportunity for sustainability; we’re excited for the chance to continue impacting new generations with our message.”

In addition to the New York pop-up exhibit, the Cross Colours collection is also expanding to Nordstrom stores nationwide as well as Nordstrom.com.

Photo Credit: Nordstrom/Cross Colours

The exhibition shop will run from July 26 through Aug. 8.

For more information about Cross Colours, visit its website.