A new generation of Black entrepreneurs is on the rise and they’re making major power moves in the business world. From creative spaces to real estate, these Black millennial business-owners are forces to be reckoned with.

As they all work to increase diversity and inclusion in business sectors, Black millennial entrepreneurs are carving their own lanes to take over the industry and enhance the community.

Check out the list below to see what Black entrepreneurs you need to be on the lookout for.

DonYé Taylor

Photo Credit: Donye Taylor/ Instagram

Meet Donye Taylor, one-half of the masterminds behind The Digital Footprint, a Black-owned millennial-led agency that produces innovative content, design, and social campaigns. Taylor is a young entrepreneur with a background based in marketing, strategy, branding, and consumer psychology.

Since founding her company with her business partner, Raymond Smith, Taylor has set out to help businesses increase their visibility among young multi-cultural audiences. Taylor is also a notable figure on social media and recently has spent her days providing valuable tips to other entrepreneurs and aspiring creatives.

Keenan D. Williams

REZI - Elevate Capital
Photo Credit: Keenan D. Williams/ Twitter

Keenan D. Williams — co-founder and president of real estate company REZI –is a Philadelphia native and FAMU alumnus who started his career as a mortgage broker. Williams’ real estate company is a New York startup that uses technology to make the apartment rental process much easier for hopeful renters.

He recently hosted a live session with the Creative Collective NYC to advise creatives and other entrepreneurs on how to create multiple streams of income for themselves.


Brittany Wilson

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Photo Credit: Create & Cultivate

Brooklynite Brittany Wilson is a creative director and brand strategist who founded The Idea Girl, an inclusive collective of creative women of color that helps female entrepreneurs elevate their brands. Wilson created her design studio to provide women in business with a safe space and the resources they need to succeed.

Her goal for the company is to be one of the top design agencies recognized worldwide. During isolation, Wilson and The Idea Girl are providing virtual business talks to help entrepreneurs maintain their brands.

Jason Rosario

Photo Credit: Jason Rosario/ Instagram

Jason Rosario is a media personality, motivational speaker, businessman, and overall multi-faceted leader in creative spaces. Rosario is the founder of The Lives of Men, a creative agency that strives to battle negative stereotypes of Black men. He’s also the executive producer and host of the Yahoo! News original “Dear Men” web series and host of the Hey Jason podcast.

As a graduate of NYU’s Stern School of Business, Rosario’s style, education, and creativity make him a well-rounded voice in the Black community speaking up for the culture.


Imani Ellis

Imani Ellis talks CultureCon2019 and Inspiring the Next Generation ...
Photo Credit: Imani Ellis/ Instagram

Imani Ellis is a young communications professional and businesswoman. She is the founder of the Creative Collective NYC — a community and creative agency dedicated to facilitating brave spaces for multicultural creatives. Ellis is also the visionary behind Culture Con, one of the fastest-growing conferences for creators of color today.

Ellis founded this organization to provide a community for creatives seeking fellowship amongst their peers and fellow entrepreneurs. Ellis’ efforts for the creative community are commendable, especially as she juggles a rewarding career and side hustle.


Kerby Jean-Raymond

Why Pyer Moss' Kerby Jean-Raymond Is 2018's Rising Fashion Star ...
Photo Credit: Neil Rasmus/Shuttershock

American-Haitian Kerby Jean-Raymond is someone we consider a jack-of-all-trades. Jean-Raymond is a fashion designer, creative director, and founder of his own New York-based fashion label, Pyer Moss.

Moss has positioned his brand as a strong political statement and tribute to Black culture. He recently landed on the TIME 100 Next list for 2019. Today, he’s helping essential workers on the frontlines by turning his label’s office into a donation center and giving back to minority and small creative businesses.


Alex Wolf

alex wolf head shot tech philosophy (1).JPG
Photo Credit: Alex Wolf

Alex Wolf is a business consultant, podcaster, and crowned “tech philosopher.” She’s also a young entrepreneur and the creator of Creative Business School, an online platform that teaches artists, content creators, designers, writers, and creatives how to successfully market their own product.

Wolf created the fastest-growing digital network of female millennial entrepreneurs online and continues to grow her business today. Even during COVID-19, Wolf’s business has been able to thrive through innovative virtual programming. She recently booked an eight-date virtual speaking tour with some of the biggest social media influencers and online multi-cultural platforms, according to Forbes.


Ofo Ezeugwu

Photo Credit: Ofo Ezeugwu/ Temple University

Techstars’ Rising star and Temple University graduate Ofo Ezeugwu is the CEO & Chieftain of WhoseYourLandlord, a company dedicated to fostering strong landlord-tenant relationships and communities for millennials. His platform provides transparency and useful commentary to help day-to-day interactions in the rental community.

Ezeugwu has future goals for his company to also build strong global rental communities and solve housing issues. His platform is planning to launch its official app next month to help renters and landlords work together during COVID-19.

Brandon Bryant

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Photo Credit: Brandon Bryant

Brandon Bryant embodies the essence of a true renaissance man. As a former investment banker, content creator, co-founder and partner at venture capital firm, Harlem Capital, Bryant has paved the way to have a fruitful career in entrepreneurship.

Bryant is striving to strengthen his personal brand while giving back to marginalized communities and investing in diverse founders to help build generational wealth. He’s dedicated to creating opportunities for people of color to empower them as business-minded individuals.