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9 Black Millennial Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For

A new generation of Black entrepreneurs is on the rise and they’re making major power moves in the business world. From creative spaces to real estate, these Black millennial business-owners are forces to be reckoned with. As they all work to increase diversity and inclusion in business sectors, Black millennial entrepreneurs are carving their own lanes to take over the industry and enhance the community. Check out the list below to see what Black entrepreneurs you need to be on the lookout for. DonYé Taylor Photo Credit: Donye Taylor/ Instagram Meet Donye Taylor, one-half of the masterminds behind The Digital Footprint, a Black-owned millennial-led agency that produces innovative content, design, and social campaigns. Taylor is a young entrepreneur with a background based in marketing, strategy, branding, and consumer psychology. Since founding her company with her business partner, Raymond Smith , Taylor has set out to help businesses increase their visibility among young...

Njera Perkins

May 1, 2020

Meet Alex Wolf: The Woman Who Silicon Valley is Too Afraid to Call A 'Genius' and How Her Ideas Predict Our Future

I SPENT HALF A DAY with Alex Wolf, the award-winning tech speaker, brand strategist, and author of “ Resonate: For Anyone Who Wants To Build An Audience ,” in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York and I left with more questions than answers. Wolf was open and gracious, and we shared ideas about everything from which kinds of gentrification are welcomed events, to early starts in tech as designers of our own Myspace pages. Wolf is a respected tech philosopher who doesn’t require or seem to need your institutional credentialing; her regalia is her ideas. She has an unusual understanding about human nature and our insatiable march toward singularity that, ironically, compels you to enthusiastically join the parade as you tread down her networked rabbit-hole of iMovie powered YouTube videos and newsletter releases. If you watch her lecture on why millennials feel unaligned with their age , you will then watch her sermon on the science of attention and hyper-stimulation . Then, you’re...

Will Lucas

Nov 27, 2019