Chandler Hughes is just 6 years old, and he is already among some of the most intelligent minds in the world.

NBC News reports the parents of the Texas first grader recognized early on that their child was unique. When Hughes was just 1 year and 9 months old, he had already begun reading. From there he continued to show more signs that he was knowledgable beyond his years.

“He was in pre-kindergarten but finished on a second-grade reading level, second-grade math level,” his dad told the outlet.

Hughes’ intelligence has now placed him in one of the most illustrious clubs in the world, Mensa. As AFROTECH previously told you, Mensa requires scoring “within the upper 2% of the general population on an approved intelligence test,” for someone to join the high-IQ society, per its website.

“He joins a special fraternity of people who are essentially geniuses,” his dad noted, according to NBC News.

For now, the parents of the child prodigy plan to continue to nurture their child and emphasize he is surrounded by a supportive community.

“Just working on the socializing factor, I think, for us is the next piece,” his dad explained to the outlet. “He’s in a great environment where his teachers, his peers all support him. Just seeing how we can take this and increase literacy and math rates in our community, and for him to continue to succeed in life.”

It should be no surprise Hughes is looking to chart on a path of greatness. He already has aspirations to become a doctor.

“A medical doctor, because I want to help people when they are sick,” Hughes expressed to NBC News.

Hughes now joins the rank of another 6-year-old genius. As previously mentioned by AFROTECH, New Jersey native Declan Lopez has an IQ of 138 and is also a member of Mensa.