While stay-at-home orders continue to keep us inside, many Black-owned small businesses have moved their products online in efforts to combat the economic crisis. According to CNBC, e-commerce shopping in the U.S. has risen 30 percent during March and mid-April in comparison to last year.

As many resort to online shopping, here’s a list of Black-owned household essential items you can purchase from home.

True Laundry Detergent


True Laundry was founded in 2012 by Black entrepreneurs Ali B. Muhammad, Malik Saleem, and Abdur-Rahim Shaheed. The company prides itself on being “one of the most effective laundry detergent” brands available. The company’s formula does not include animal testing and is great for sensitive skin.

Earthlymart Bathroom Cleaner

Earthlymart is a socially conscious Black-owned business that caters to your household cleaning needs. Their environmentally safe cleaning products include natural bathroom, glass, and multipurpose cleaners.

Coral Oral Toothbrushes


Coral Oral is a youth ran Black-owned business dedicated to oral hygiene health. Their toothbrushes feature different bristle patterns, including Plain white, Checkered, Half-and-Half, or Stripe. They also include Black history facts with their products.

Scotty D’s Coffee

Founded in 2014 by Jamaican entrepreneur, Damian Scott, Scotty D’s coffee has a rich history that was handed down by Scott’s grandfather. During his time in the Swedish football league, Scott noticed the popularity of coffee in Swedish culture. Upon returning to Jamaica, Scott decided to launch Scotty D’s. The company specializes in Blue Mountain coffee that is cultivated from The Wallenford Farm, one of the oldest farms in Jamaica.

Southern Handmade Essentials

TheSouthern Handmade Essentials (S.H.E) founder created the company after watching her mother go natural and do away with chemical-laced hair products she describes as “creamy crack.” S.H.E specializes in handmade soaps and air fresheners.

The next time your household essentials start to run low, be sure to refer back to this list.