Becoming rich is one thing, but keeping the wealth is another. 

When 50 Cent reached the point where his millions were accumulating exponentially, he realized that he had to protect his money.

In 2003, the rapper and business mogul went on the Rock The Mic tour with Jay-Z. Following time on the road and earning income, 50 Cent knew he had to change where he lived due to the low cost.

“I came back, I had $38 million in my account,” 50 Cent revealed to Brian J. Roberts in a 2021 interview. “And all I had was a two-bedroom apartment that was $800 a month. So if you don’t spend it, you know the IRS is going to take it. So I needed the expenses.”

50 Cent shared that he ended up buying Mike Tyson’s old home in Farmington, CT. According to I95 Rock, he purchased the mansion for $4.1 million and reportedly invested around $6 million to $10 million prior to listing the house at $18.5 million in 2007.

When it comes to sustaining and growing his status after all these years, 50 Cent credits it to taking the losses with the wins, which ultimately overshadow the Ls.

“I lost money. You just don’t see my losses.”

He continued, “You make investments in different things. Sometimes they win. Sometimes they don’t. More losses than wins but when you do win you win so big it makes up for everything… People look now and say they’re feeling momentum of me in television now. But I started this ten years ago.”

Speaking of 50 Cent’s wealth, he says that he’s been a “billionaire” since the mid-2000s, AfroTech previously shared.

“When they financially say, ‘Oh you’re a billionaire, this person is a billionaire’, it’s like, I’ve been a billionaire since 2007,” 50 Cent said during an interview with “The Enthusiast” podcast. “I’m that far from where I came from that I’ve been a billionaire financially because everybody around me is being paid. Resources that I compensate for people to be there, and I really don’t see things that I want that I can’t go get it.”