The COVID-19 pandemic has presented itself as quite the obstacle for many small businesses and startups this year, but entrepreneurs are still proving to be resilient in the face of adversity.

For 22-year-old Anna Spearman — a recent University of Virginia graduate — her ideal post-grad plans were derailed as a result of the pandemic. However, this offered her a unique opportunity to capitalize on her dream of owning her own tech company.

Using her graduation gift money and funds from her Postmates delivery job, Spearman was able to self-fund her brainchild, Techie Staffing, LLC.

Techie Staffing — an agency that specializes in direct-hire technology roles for technology departments nationwide — was launched to resolve the issue of discovering hard-to-find talent that internal job recruiters don’t have the bandwidth to identify, Spearman shared with Voyage LA.

According to her, Techie Staffing works to “reduce the timeline and improve the efficiency of the hiring process for these vastly growing companies.”

“My team of Senior Technical Recruiters is an empathetic and compassionate team that has proven success in the tech space, with a strong technical network,” Spearman told Voyage LA. “We are most proud of providing candidates with the best opportunities for their livelihood.”

Spearman — with the help of her strong LinkedIn presence of over 8000+ connections — hit the ground running with her company, completing all the business paperwork on her own and even reaching out to several founders, CTOs, VP’s of engineering, directors of engineering, software engineers and hiring managers everyday via LinkedIn.

The year of 2020 has showed us how technology spans across industries all over. Now more than ever, companies find it necessary to grow their
technical teams in order to ensure success.

The influx of job applicants applying for remote positions overwhelmed many companies’ job portals and internal recruiting teams lack the bandwidth to respond to every single applicant. Techie Staffing offers the perfect solution to help brands save time and money by forming a strategic alliance with those in need of assistance in the tech space.

Unlike other staffing companies, Techie Staffing’s thorough research tactics allow its team of technical recruiters to customize experiences best suited for each company’s needs.

“What sets us apart from other agencies is I am a technical founder that understands various tech stacks, has a Computer Science degree and Entrepreneurial degree, can speak their language, and has a great eye for successful tech talent,” Spearman shared with Voyage LA.

With her tech company now up and running, Spearman is setting her sights on continuing to grow and expand her agency’s reach in the tech industry.

“My future goal is to cultivate relationships with Senior technical candidates who are willing to mentor aspiring technical professionals,” she said.

For more information about Techie Staffing, LLC, visit its website.