If you’re looking for somewhere to watch curated content from the diaspora, kweliTV is your solution — and now you can access the streaming service on even more platforms.

According to Technical.ly DC, kweliTV is now available on Apple TV, Google Play, Roku, Amazon Fire and iOS because, as founder DeShuna Spencer put it, “Our goal is to make sure that we’re able to make it easier for them to watch our content.”

Kweli means “truth” in Swahili, and through the content on the platform, some true, authentic black experiences are being shared.

The service launched out of beta in September of last year, and today it boasts more than 200 films and documentaries that amplify the voices of black people across the globe.

Spencer also said that kweliTV is working on programs that will connect subscribers to black-women-owned businesses, showing the company’s commitment to supporting the culture in more ways than one.

Find out more about kweliTV here.