The need for more inclusion in tech for minorities is all too apparent today, and companies all over are working to enact more initiatives dedicated to this cause.

YC Company Plato — the largest mentorship platform for engineering managers and engineers — has launched a new program called Circles for Inclusion, which aims to give underrepresented groups access to the best tech leaders through group mentorship.

According to Quang Hoang, the CEO of Plato, the program will allow participants to join a “circle” that meets on a regular basis to discuss various topics such as leadership and career opportunities.

Photo Credit: Plato

The reason behind the new program according to Hoang is “mentorship for people of color in the tech industry is one of several systemic factors that prevent them from obtaining senior positions and achieving their career potential.”

The mentorship program will essentially connect neglected groups with a network of powerful leaders in the tech industry through intimate group sessions.

The program is free for up to 2,000 participants and features over 150 committed mentors who are founders, engineering, and product leaders including Michael Seibel (CEO of YCombinator), Cathy Polinsky (CTO of Stitch Fix), Wil Larson (CTO of Calm), Michelle Zatlyn (COO of Cloudflare), Eddie Kim (CTO of Gusto), more.

Inclusivity should always be a priority to provide equal opportunity for all, so it’s nice to see organizations like Plato taking steps in the right direction.

For more information on this mentorship program, click here.